Sports Fishing Charters

Our core fishing offering at Groote Eylandt is also suitable for everybody—from novices and young people to experienced anglers.

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Archipelago tours

Groote Eylandt is the largest of some 40 smaller islands scattered throughout the archipelago, where seldom-visited beaches, rainforests, swimming holes and tropical landscapes are ripe for exploration.

For visitors who’d like to explore a little further afield, the lodge offers private charters of the archipelago.

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Cultural tours

The “Anindilyakwan People” the Traditional Owners of the Groote Archipelago invite you to explore the pristine environment and share their ancient culture.

A special feature for visitors to Groote Eylandt is the option to design an itinerary incorporating a focus that may have a particular interest and spend extended time with Traditional owners.

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Groote Eylandt Golf Club

Groote Eylandt’s 9-hole golf course wouldn’t be out of place in a city. A team of dedicated greenkeepers ensures the picturesque fairways and greens are in top condition all year round.

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