The 300 square kilometres of prime fishing water surrounding the lodge is home to some of the most prized species in the world: marlin and sailfish, hard-hitting blue water species, plucky reef fish and the iconic barramundi.

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‘Billfish’ is a name often given to marlin and sailfish, huge gamefish that are the ultimate prize of many sports fishermen and women.

Billfishing is excellent at Groote, where marlin and sailfish are found in high numbers, particularly during the peak season at the end of the year. You can target them all year round—something that doesn’t generally happen anywhere else.

Large juvenile black marlin are caught around the island, and the sailfish around Groote are some of the biggest in the world. The average size sailfish out here is 35 kilograms (77 pounds), but we’ve caught some almost double that size. (The world record for sailfish is 90kg).

Our boats are custom designed game vessels fully equipped with quality game fishing equipment specifically for chasing billfish. They’re fast and smooth.

Talk to us about a tailored billfishing package to land your own.

Reef fishing around Groote Eylandt is as good as it gets—anywhere.

The coral reef systems surrounding the island provide excellent habitat for many tropical reef species.

The waters around Groote are teeming with:

  • golden snapper
  • mangrove Jack
  • coral trout
  • red emperor
  • saddletail snapper
  • crimson snapper
  • cod

Dropping baits or jigs down to the reefs can provide some excellent sport for anglers. The depths fished range from shallow water bommies 4-5m deep out to 30m or more in the deeper reef systems.

Your guide will keep a couple of these superb-eating species, and you’ll meet with the lodge’s chef to discuss your tastes and options for preparing your catch for dinner.

Contact us to organise your trip.

Our main Barramundi fishery is in Blue Mud Bay, a large, shallow bay on the eastern coast of Arnhem Land a 1.5hr boat trip from the lodge.

Techniques include trolling rock bars and snags, casting at creek mouths, mangrove roots and snags in the search of that trademark flash of silver as a barra launches itself from the water.

Your Guide will help you master the art of casting and working your lures over structure.

The warmer months of September to April are generally the better time to chase Barra as the water temperature is higher and the fish more active.

We can help you hook the Territory’s iconic sportfish. Talk to us about a tailored barramundi fishing trip.

The Groote Eylandt Archipelago is well suited to fly fishing with many sheltered bays and islands and that trademark Groote Eylandt crystal clear water means the sight fishing can be exhilarating.

During the pelagic season (June on wards) the surface action can be awesome with schools of queenfish, longtail tuna, mackeral and gt’s commonly busting up the bait balls. Sailfish can also be targeted during the peak season.

Our vessels are well suited to fly fishing with large casting decks giving the angler a good view of the fish.
Please note that the lodge does not provide any fly fishing tackle so you will have to bring your own gear.

Talk to us about a custom fly-fishing package.

The pelagic fishing around Groote Eylandt is some of the best in Australia.

We regularly boat:

  • queenfish
  • cobia
  • Spanish mackerel
  • northern bluefin
  • giant trevally (GTs)
  • golden trevally.

These hard hitting species put up a great fight, a thrilling experience for beginners through to experienced anglers. Gt’s up to 25 kilograms have been caught in the past.

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