Our Seasons

We fish all year round, so here’s a quick guide to what fish you’ll find throughout the year.

Sailfish and Marlin (billfish)

Though billfish are landed year-round at Groote Eylandt, September 1 to November 30 is the prime time to target marlin and sailfish when they gather in the southern area of the island in huge numbers.


From September to December is the Top Ends build up period where the water temps start to increase and the Barra become more active.

March-April is the run off when flooded billabongs and swamps from the wet season storms pour back into the coastal rivers creating a smorgasbord for the barra that lie in wait.

Pelagics and Reef Fishing

All year round.

We’ve caught sailfish in February, and every other species of fish that live out here every day of the year, so you really can catch all fish all year round, including barramundi.

But these peak seasons are the most productive for those species.