Like the rest of tropical northern Australia, Groote Eylandt has two main seasons: a wet season and a dry season.

The wet season begins around November/December and goes until about April/May. This is a time of monsoonal rainfall, higher humidity and spectacular lightning storms.

An average of 1130mm of rain falls on Groote Eylandt in the wet season. As much as 241.6mm has fallen in a single April day, and one February had 773mm for the month.

Temperatures in the wet season average between 31 and 34 degrees during the day and 23 and 26 degrees overnight.

In the dry season, from May/June to October, the humidity level drops and the days are characterised by clear skies, warm temperatures and no rain. In fact, on average, less than 50mm of rain falls for the whole dry season.

Temperatures in the dry season are between 28 and 33 degrees during the day and between 14 and 20 degrees at night.

You can visit Groote Eylandt all year round; each season brings different experiences, smells, colours and scenery. The lodge’s fully air conditioned rooms and facilities make visits in warmer weather comfortable and enjoyable.

Fishing, normally a seasonal pursuit, is fantastic all year round at Groote Eylandt, a special phenomenon that lures anglers from all over the world. Certain times of year are particularly good for barramundi and billfish, when it’s hard not to catch a fish.

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